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Banda Black Rio - Release


One of the most important Brazilian bands is back! On the road since the 70s, Banda Black Rio brought innovation to the music scene mixing jazz, funk, samba and gafieira.Synchronized instruments, contagious rhythm and a very powerful sound are all elements that ensured the success of the band since their first album, Maria Fumaça, 1977. A year later, in 1978, Black Rio released what would be considered one of the best Brazilian albums ever, Gafieira Universal. In the same year, they also release Saci Pererê, which was reissued in 1980. After a long period away from the stages, the band returns in 2000 with the album Movimento, reissued in 2002 in England, by Mr. Bongo, under the name of Rebirth.In 2011 the group released their new work, Super Nova Samba Funk, produced by William Magalhães – son of Oberdan Magalhães, leader of the first version of the band – bringing the best of black music, with influences that go from rap to jazz.Super Nova Samba Funk shows that the original concept of Banda Black Rio is still alive, but now redesigned. Already released in Europe and Japan by label Far Out Recordings, the CD arrives in Brazil through the Cosa Nostra Recordings and is available in stores all over the country.The new project counts with well known special guests, great names of the Brazilian music such as Jorge Ben, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Elza Soares, Seu Jorge and others, besides the Americans Flame Killer (Mobb Deep) and GOD Pt3.


Tour 2012


Banda Black Rio will be on an international tour starting on April 2012, visiting London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. Another tour is planned for the summer, but there is no definite date, because musicians are still waiting for support for the trip.





Maria Fumaça – 1977

Gafieira Universal – 1978

Saci Pererê – 1980

Movimento – 2001 (BR) /

Rebirth – 2002 (UK)

Super Nova Samba Funk – 2011Tones:Jazz / Groove / Soul / Funk / Samba Gafieira




Pixinguinha, Coleman Hawkins, Cartola, Stevie Wonder, James Brown.

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